Eliezer Adler

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Eliezer Adler
Full name Eliezer Adler
Main work real estate
Born 1866
Died January 16, 1949
Father Yehuda Yona Haas
Mother Chayala Adler
Wife Sarah (Rosenthal) Adler
Children Esther (Heilpern) 1889-1969,Judah Jonah (1891-1967),Akiva Moshe (1893-1934), Chaya Chana (Reich)(1895-1972), Benjamin Bennet-Alder (1897-1979), Dresie (Rottenberg)(1903-1998),Frieda (Halpern)(1906-2000)

Eliezer Adler, born in 1866, was the founder of the Jewish Community in Gateshead, England. In honour of his historical importance, his seat in the Gateshead synagogue remains vacant.[1]

Eliezer Adler arrived in Liverpool, England in 1882 at the age of 15 looking for a better financial support for himself and his widowed mother.

He moved to Newcastle upon Tyne and when his mother died, he needed a minyan (quorum) for memorial services. Being that the Newcastle synagogues were not up to his religious standard, Eliezer crossed the bridge to Gateshead for religious services. This eventually led to the establishment of the "Shomrei Shabbos" synagogue in 1887, the cheder (school) in 1912, Gateshead Talmudical College 1929, Gateshead Kollel in 1941, The Jewish Teachers Training College for Girls in 1944.

"Eliezer Adler, scion of a distinguished family in Stanislaw, Galicia. He was to become the most prominent figure in the infant community, for he possessed a forceful personality, and a flair for organization. With his arrival "Jewish Gateshead" began to expand".[2]

Eliezer Adler died on January 16, 1949 (15th of Tevet) while living with his daughter in Manchester and is buried in the local Jewish Rainsough cemetery in Manchester.



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