Eleazar ben Judah of Bartota

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Eleazar b. Judah of Bartota (or Eliezer,[1] Lazar[1] or Elazar;[2] Instead of Bartota: Biria,[1] Birta,[1] Birtota,[1] or Bartuta;[2] or in short: Eliezer ben Judah or Eleazar of Bartota;[3]Hebrew: אלעזר בן יהודה איש ברתותא) was a Jewish Tanna of the third generation of the Tannaic era. He was the pupil of R. Joshua ben Hananiah and a contemporary of R. Akiva, who in many instances disputed the statements Eleazar delivered in the name of R. Joshua, and then himself delivered his own version of R. Joshua's statements. His is recorded merely few times in the Mishnah and the Talmud, and half of his recordings there are statements in the name of his Rabbi.[4] His student Gamaliel II steted in his name,[5] and also Shimon bar Yochai, who was also his student, would deliver statements in his name as well.[6]

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