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Elinchrom LTD
IndustryDigital Imaging
FoundedRenens, Switzerland
HeadquartersRenens, Switzerland
Area served
ProductsStudio Lighting Systems

Elinchrom LTD is a Swiss company manufacturing flash equipment and light shaping tools for professional photographers. The company was founded in 1962 in Renens, Switzerland.


D-Lite it 4 head

Elinchrom produces compacts flash heads, battery packs, continuous light accessories, remote controls, light shapers and other accessories.

Compacts flash heads[edit]

Recently, Elincrom have moved their tooling for the Compact entry-level lights to India where they are now producing the D-Lite RX series. The professional compact series, the ELC Pro HD are manufactured in Switzerland.

  • Ranger Quadra AS, RX, RX Speed, RX Speed AS
Ranger Quadra RX AS

Remote controllers[edit]

Remote controllers include:

  • EL Skyport Wireless[1]

Continuous lighting[edit]

The continuous lighting uses tungsten bulbs with a colour temperature of around 3200° instead of daylight-balanced (5500°) flash tubes. All units accept the same range of light modifiers as the flash units, subject to the additional heat generated by the bulbs. The Scanlite range employ halogen bulbs.

Lighting modifiers[edit]

Elinchrom supply a range of lighting modifiers as accessories for their lights. Some accessories (such as umbrellas) attach to the light unit by means of a pole passing through a 7 mm hole through the head, and others (such as softboxes, reflector dishes and snoots) attach using Elinchrom's bayonet system.


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