Elisabeth Henriette of Hesse-Kassel

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Elisabeth Henriëtte of Hesse-Kassel
Electoral Princess of Brandenburg
Hereditary Princess of Prussia
Elisabeth Henriette von Hessen Kassel.jpg
Born(1661-11-18)18 November 1661
Kassel, Germany
Died7 July 1683(1683-07-07) (aged 21)
Cölln, Germany
SpouseFrederick, Electoral Prince of Brandenburg
IssueLuise, Hereditary Princess of Hesse-Kassel
FatherWilliam VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel
MotherHedwig Sophia of Brandenburg

Landgravine Elisabeth Henriëtte von Hessen-Kassel (18 November 1661 – 7 July 1683) was the daughter of William VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and Hedwig Sophia of Brandenburg (1623–1683) and electoral princess of Brandenburg through her marriage to Frederick I of Prussia.[1]


Elisabeth Henriëtte was born in Kassel, Germany on 18 November 1661 to William VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel.[1] She was the youngest of seven; siblings included Queen Charlotte Amalie, William VII, Luise, Charles I, Philip, and George.[2] She suffered from an unknown illness in 1677 that her mother treated with the milk cure, wherein a teenage Elisabeth suckled from a wet nurse for three weeks and eventually recovered.[3] Years later, on 13 August 1679, she married her cousin, Frederick, Prince Elector of Brandenburg, in Potsdam[1][4] after his plan to marry a sister of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I fell through.[citation needed] They held court in Köpenick Palace in a district of Berlin.[1] On 29 September 1680, Luise Dorothea Sophie, the couple's only child, was born.[1] Luise Dorothea later married Frederick I of Sweden, her first cousin, and became the electoral princess of Hesse-Kassel before dying in childbirth in 1705 at age 25.[5][6]

Elisabeth Henriëtte died on 7 July 1683 at age 21 from smallpox.[1][7] Frederick accused his stepmother Dorothea of poisoning her but this was found to be untrue via investigation.[1] She is buried at Berlin Cathedral with Frederick and his second wife Sophia Charlotte.[4][8]



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