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Elisabeth Luard
Elisabeth Luard.jpg
Elisabeth Luard at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery in 2018
Elisabeth Baron Longmore

Nicholas Luard (m. 1962)
Parent(s)Richard Longmore, Millicent Baron

Elisabeth Luard née Longmore is a food writer, artist and broadcaster. She is the chair of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.

She was born in 1941, shortly before her father Richard Longmore was killed in action as wing commander of CXX squadron while engaging U-539.[1] Her mother, Millicent Baron, remarried a diplomat who took her to his postings in Uruguay, Spain and Mexico. She worked at the satirical magazine Private Eye where she met and married the proprietor, Nicholas Luard, in 1962. They had four children.[2][3][1][4][5]


  • European Peasant Cookery (1986)
  • The Princess and the Pheasant (1987)
  • The Barricaded Larder (1988)
  • Family Life (1996)
  • My Life as a Wife (2008)
  • Still Life (2013)
  • The Flavours of Andalucia (2017)
  • Squirrel Pie
  • Classic French cooking
  • European festival food
  • Food of Spain and Portugal
  • Recipes & Ramblings
  • "Seasonal European Dishes" (1990, 2013)


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