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Elisabeth Rosenthal (born 29 April 1956, New York City)[1] is a non-practicing physician and former New York Times reporter who in recent years has focused on health and environment matters.

She was previously a correspondent in the Times Beijing bureau.

Currently she is editor-in-chief of Kaiser Health News.


In 1978 Rosenthal obtained her bachelor's degrees in history and biology from Stanford University.[2]

In 1980 she received her M.A. degree in English from Cambridge University, where she graduated as a Marshall Scholar.[2]

In 1986 she graduated from Harvard Medical School with an M.D. degree. She did her residency at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and worked part-time 5 years in the emergency department at New York Hospital. She quit her medical practice in 1994.[1]


In 1994 Rosenthal began working for The New York Times as a science reporter, before covering the health and hospitals beat.[2]

Starting in 1997, she worked as the Beijing correspondent for six years.[2]

She then became the European health and environment correspondent, working out of the Times' office in Rome. In 2008 Rosenthal moved back to New York and became the paper's global environmental correspondent. In 2012 she began covering the Affordable Care Act, which started her new beat as a healthcare reporter.[2]


Rosenthal lives in New York City and Washington, D.C.[3]



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