Elisabeth of Saxony

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Elisabeth of Saxony
Lucas Cranach the Younger - Portrait of Princess Elisabeth of Saxony - Google Art Project.jpg
Spouse(s) John Casimir of the Palatinate-Simmern
Noble family House of Wettin
Father August, Elector of Saxony
Mother Anna of Denmark
Born (1552-10-18)18 October 1552
Wolkenstein Castle in Wolkenstein
Died 2 April 1590(1590-04-02) (aged 37)

Elisabeth of Saxony (born: 18 October 1552 at Wolkenstein Castle in Wolkenstein – died: 2 April 1590 in Heidelberg) was an Saxon princess from the House of Wettin by birth and by marriage Countess Palatine of Simmern.


Elisabeth was a daughter of the Elector August of Saxony (1526–1586) from his marriage to Anna (1532–1585), daughter King of the Christian III of Denmark.

She married on 4 June 1570 in Heidelberg during the Diet of Speyer with Count Palatine John Casimir of Simmern (1543–1592). August opposed the policies of John Casimir, who was a Calvinist and friendly to France. With this marriage, August hoped to woe John Casimir over to the Lutheran side. However, he did not succeed. The Catholics in Germany regarded the marriage as a provocation against the Habsburg dynasty and an attempt to form a united Protestant front.

The Calvinist Johann Casimir tried to break the religious opposition of his Lutheran wife. In October 1585, she was arrested and accused of adultery and a murder plot against her husband. Even her brother, Elector Christian I, was convinced of her guilt. She converted to Calvinism while in captivity, and died shortly afterwards.

Marriage and issue[edit]

From her marriage with John Casimir, Elizabeth had the following children:

  • Unnamed son (1573)
  • Marie (1576–1577)
  • Elisabeth (1578–1580)
  • Dorothea (1581–1631), married in 1595 Prince John George I of Anhalt-Dessau (1598–1618)
  • Unnamed daughter (1584)
  • Unnamed daughter (1585)


Royal descendants[edit]