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Elisabetta Gardini (born 3 June 1956) is an Italian actress and politician from Veneto.

Gardini was born in Padua. A popular actress and RAI host close to Christian Democracy, she was an unsuccessful candidate for Patto Segni in the 1994 general election.[1]

Gardini is known as a stage and screen actress. Her best-known television appearances include Unomattina (1985–86), Europa, Europa (1988-1990), and the leading role of Laura Andrei in Una donna per amico (1998-2000).

In 2004 she was appointed spokesperson of Forza Italia, with which she was elected to the Regional Council of Veneto in 2005 and to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in 2006. In 2008 Gardini entered the European Parliament, replacing Renato Brunetta, and after the 2009 election she was returned for a full five-year term.[2]


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