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Directed by Juan Caño Arecha
Produced by Antonio Egea
Written by Juan Caño Arecha
Starring Nicolas De Santis
Encarna Paso
Lola Gaos
Concha Gómez Conde
Imanol Arias
Music by Luis Eduardo Aute
Cinematography Andrea D'Odorico
Edited by Iván Aledo
Release date
April 4, 1980 (1980-04-04)
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Elisita is a 1980 Spanish dramatic film written and directed by Juan Cano Arecha.

The film is a love story between a young student (Antonio) and an older woman (Elisita). Action takes place in Madrid, Spain during the Francisco Franco post-war regime.


The film begins in 1980's Spain during the political transition from dictatorship into democracy. An old single woman (Elisita) sits alone in ‘The Retiro’ park in central Madrid remembering her only love story during the post civil war in Spain.

Flashback takes us back to Franco’s ruthless dictatorship era. Elisita is an intelligent young but mature woman who lives with her rich widower and extremely Catholic mother Dona Elisa. Elisita’s mother encourages her to find a husband and marry before she is too old. Antonio is a young student friend of the family who is preparing for his school exams. Too young to be her husband, Antonio is mutually attracted by her caring personality. Elisita is asked to help Antonio with his Latin and math lessons. As they spend several afternoons together they develop a close bond. Elisita knows this might be her last chance to fall in love and Antonio's first encounter with passion. As days pass, Elisita and Antonio fall in love and the inevitable happens.


  • Nicolas De Santis - Antonio
  • Encarna Paso - Elisita
  • Lola Gaos – Dona Elisa
  • Imanol Arias – Boy in park
  • Mari Paz Ballesteros - Amiga
  • Concha Gomez Conde – Antonio’s mother
  • Guillermo Heras – Doctor
  • Socorro Anadon – Girl in park

Production notes[edit]

Nicolas De Santis who plays Antonio as lead actor is the son of famous Spanish actress Maria Cuadra and Italian producer Eduardo De Santis. He made his debut in this movie at 14 years of age.

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