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FormerlyAmerican Electronics Laboratories (AEL) Industries Inc.
IndustryDefense systems
FoundedLansdale, Pennsylvania, United States 1967
FounderDr. Leon Riebman[1][2]
Key people
Itzchak Gat
Number of employees
ParentElbit Systems

Elisra Group is an Israeli manufacturer of high-tech electronic devices, mainly but not exclusively for military use. It makes equipment for electronic communication and surveillance, missile tracking and controlling systems, radar and lidar equipment. The group is composed of three companies: Elisra Electronic Systems, Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd. and Tadiran Spectralink Ltd.


Previously Elisra was owned 70% by Elbit Systems and 30% by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI); however, Elbit later acquired IAI's share and Elisra is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit.[3]

Elisra Electronic Systems supplies missile warning systems, active jammer systems, laser and IR detection systems for several kinds of aircraft and ground vessels of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Tadiran Electronic Systems manufactured the Tadiran Mastiff reconnaissance UAV, used by the IDF during the 1982 Lebanon War.[4]


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