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Elite Gudz
Headquarters New York, NY
Area served
Website www.elitegudz.com

Elite Gudz was an independent game and creative studio based in New York, NY. They are best known for their top-downloaded iPhone app, Graffiti Spray Can, and the top rated & top download Xbox Indies title Techno Kitten Adventure. The studio produces video games, mobile applications, apparel, comics, designer toys and fine art. These properties are now maintained by digital media creative agency Zaah.


Elite Gudz was founded in 2008 under the vision of graffiti artist Phetus. Working under his Phat Phace logo since 1988, Phetus' presence on the Long Island graffiti scene was solidified in 2003 with the opening o Concrete Vibes, the first graffiti boutique on Long Island. Phetus closed Concrete Vibes to concentrate on the Phetus Exclusives clothing line, and combine efforts with Elite Gudz. At Elite Gudz he produced fine art for shows, apparel under the Phetus Exclusives label, and work for various clients including ICONIC Motors.[1] In Fall 2010, Phetus presented Hank Steinbrenner with a Phetus Exclusive on the field of Yankee Stadium. The Hanks Yank’s jersey featured a Yankees logo, freshly spray-painted with stylized drip markings.[2]

By 2010, Elite Gudz grew to include sculptor Mr Den, lead illustrator Rolo Ledesma, artistic director Narek Gevorgian and creative director Brian Ferrara. With talent from the worlds of graffiti, illustration, graphic design and technology, Elite Gudz issued its first entertainment application, Graffiti Spray Can. The success of Graffiti Spray Can lead the company to focus on game and app design. To date Elite Gudz has released 15 iOS applications, with over 5 million total downloads.[3] Their first game, Techno Kitten Adventure, was released on June 7, 2011. After posting a Techno Kitten Adventure promotional video on their blog, G4TV tweeted that "Techno Kitten Adventure will be the next runaway hit. Mark our words.".[4]

In October 2010, Elite Gudz and Phetus presented [e=MC3], Elite Movable Cubez, in The Cultyard at the New York Comic Con.[5] Cubez are transformable installations that create a number of unique experiences within one piece of art. A number of Cubez of varying sizes, styles and techniques were exhibited with inspiration ranging from graffiti art to antique children's toys. Each of the Cubez are unique, even though they were all created from the same equal three blocks.[5] [e=MC3] features contributions from Cope2, Such, Indie184, Phetus, Mr. Den, Rolo Ledesma, Narek Gevorgian and other artists.[6]

Games & Apps[edit]

Graffiti Spray Can[edit]

In May 2010, Elite Gudz released Graffiti Spray Can, their first mobile application, for iPhone and iPod.[7] The app climbed to the #1 spot in Entertainment and Free apps around the world within days of its release.[8] The success of the original Graffiti Spray Can is the reason the studio decided to focus on app and game development.[9] They have since released apps and games for iOS, Android and Xbox Live Indie Games.

In May 2011, Elite Gudz released Graffiti Spray Can PRO for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and Graffiti Spray Can HD for iPad. The new version included artists packs by Phetus and Bronx graffiti legend Cope2.[10]

The original Graffiti Spray Can was updated in September 2011 to include all the features of Graffiti Spray Can Pro as in-app content that can be purchased. The update also changed the main interface, and added the ability to save work and return to it later with the use of Black Book Sketchbooks.[11]

Several Elite Gudz artists, including Phetus, have been heavily involved in graffiti art since the beginning of the movement. Phetus created his signature Phat Phace logo in 1988 and after creating a fanbase amongst the early 90's hip-hop scene on Long Island and in NYC, Phetus took his designs to clothing, opening up the first graffiti boutique on Long Island, "Concrete Vibes," in Mineola in 2003. He closed the store and brought his artistic perspective to Elite Gudz in 2008. This background influenced the development of the Graffiti Spray Can entertainment applications, the Goons & Bots characters, and the Concrete Immortalz comics.

Graffiti Spray Can features artwork of The Wall Lord, a character from Concrete Immortalz, on its loading screen. Concrete Immortalz is a graffiti-centric comic by the Elite Gudz team. The series is built on the idea that art progresses with and chronicles human history, and "the graffiti movement is the artistic embodiment of current times."[12] The series' main protagonist is The Wall Lord, a graffiti artist who writes messages of hope and defiance against a repressive government. On January 7, 2010, Phetus and street artist Such painted a mural image of The Wall Lord on a subway car installation outside of Tuff City Tattoos in Bronx, NY[13][citation needed] Phetus was also joined by Cope2, T-Kid, Ban2, Indie and Cheez who came through to destroy the piece once it was completed as a tribute to the real life actions that go on within the graffiti subculture.[14] A billboard-sized mural for Concrete Immortalz was created by Phetus and Such across a block-long industrial complex at 5 Pointz in Long Island City.[15]

"We Bomb"[edit]

The Graffiti Spray Can apps now include the music track "We Bomb," a graffiti-centric rap song by Phetus and Poe Rilla, with the purchase of the Phetus Artist Pack. The title of the track refers to the graffiti terminology of Bombing, meaning to hit many surfaces in an area. The video for the song, produced by Picture Perfect, was filmed on location at several famous NYC graffiti landmarks including 5 Pointz in Queens, Keith Haring's Crack is Wack wall in Harlem, Cope2's wall at Boon Ave. in the Bronx, and the American Trash bar.[16] The "We Bomb" EP, released on picture disc vinyl, featured several remixes, including dubstep and djent versions.[17] Elite Gudz had previously presented Poe Rilla's work in November 2010. Elite Gudz, in association with 3.2.6. Muzik and Suge White, presented Poe Rilla's mixtape "My Bloody Life," as a free download.[18] Poe Rilla wore a Phetus Exclusives "I AM L.I." tee shirt on the back cover of the mix tape.

Techno Kitten Adventure[edit]

Techno Kitten Adventure is Elite Gudz' first video game. Originally released on Xbox Live Indie Games, Elite Gudz announced that it would be remaking the top-rated and top-downloaded indie game with new graphics, songs and characters.[19] On June 7 the new Techno Kitten Adventure was released on Xbox Live Indie Games and iOS devices, with releases for Android and Windows 7 Phone planned for late Summer 2011.

In Techno Kitten Adventure, players pilot a kitten by jetpack, powered by hopes and dreams, through various levels based around songs in the game's soundtrack. The player must avoid the sparkling stars at the top and bottom of the screen, and sparkling stars that form shapes in the middle of the screen. The object of the game is to get the highest score possible. On Xbox, players navigate the kitten by pressing the A button to go up, and releasing the A button to go down. On touch-screen mobile devices, players tap and hold the screen to go up, and release to go down. These controls have been compared to the Helicopter Game.


Techno Kitten Adventure has a 4.5 star rating on iTunes, and is consistently in the top downloaded and top rated categories of Xbox Live Indie Games.[20] On May 14, after posting a Techno Kitten Adventure promotional video on their blog, G4TV tweeted that "Techno Kitten Adventure will be the next runaway hit. Mark our words.".[4] Techno Kitten Adventure currently has a 4.5 star rating on the iTunes App Store,[21] and is one of the top rated and top downloaded games on Xbox Live Indie Games.[22]

Live Appearances[edit]

Good Day LA[edit]

Techno Kitten and his Kitten Dancers made an appearance on Good Day LA on June 7, 2011.[23] A special Techno Kitten level was created using Techno Kitten's body and Good Day LA host Steve Edwards' head. In the next segment, weather and lifestyle anchor Jillian Reynolds could be heard off camera saying "Bring back the techno kittens!" [24]

E3 2011[edit]

Techno Kitten and his Kitten Dancers also made an appearance outside of E3 expo on June 7, 2011. Techno Kitten and 10 kitten dancers hosted a dance party outside the Los Angeles Convention Center. Passers by received Techno Kitten stickers and an opportunity to try out the game on iPad. While watching the Kitten Dancers outside E3, a cameraman was quoted as saying "Techno Kitten Adventure is now my most wanted game." [25]

San Diego Comic Con 2011[edit]

A con-exclusive Techno Kitten Adventure comic book was given away to select fans at the San Diego Comic Con. Their presence was noted by G4's Attack of the Show, as they displayed one of the "rocket cats," also known as Techno "Kittehs," that were sold at the convention.[26]


The ZombieBomb! comic reader app debuted at San Diego Comic Con,[27] and was featured at #7 in What's Hot on iTunes Entertainment on the U.S. store. The app contains all issues of the ZombieBomb! comic anthology, published by Terminal Press, as well as extra content including Zombiebomb! TV videos, backgrounds and clocks.

List of Mobile Applications & Games[edit]

Elite Gudz develops apps and games for iOS devices, Android, Windows 7, and Xbox 360.

iOS Apps[edit]

  • Graffiti Spray Can
  • Graffiti Spray Can PRO
  • Graffiti Spray Can HD
  • Graffiti Wallpapers HD
  • Goons & Bots Home Run Derby
  • Goons & Bots Alarm Clock
  • Spray Face
  • Photo Shuffle Cube
  • Maxim Champagne Popper
  • OCD Light Switch
  • OCD Door Lock
  • OCD Door Bell
  • Fart Spray Can
  • Techno Kitten Adventure
  • Mathematics Mantor
  • ZombieBomb!

Android Apps[edit]

Xbox Live Indie Games[edit]

Facebook Apps[edit]

Windows Phone 7[edit]


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