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The Elite League Riders Championship was a motorcycle speedway contest between the top riders (or two riders) with the highest average points total from each club competing in the Elite League in the UK.[1] The winner of the 2009 championship was Australian rider Leigh Adams of the Swindon Robins.[2]

The competition ran until 2013, after which it was replaced with the Elite Riders Championship, which is not limited to riders of Elite League teams.


Year Venue Winner Team
1997 Odsal Stadium, Bradford United States Greg Hancock Coventry Bees
1998 Abbey Stadium, Swindon Sweden Tony Rickardsson Ipswich Witches
1999 Brandon Stadium, Coventry Australia Jason Crump Peterborough Panthers
2000 Brandon Stadium, Coventry Australia Ryan Sullivan Peterborough Panthers
2001 Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield Australia Jason Crump King's Lynn Knights
2002 Poole Stadium, Poole Sweden Tony Rickardsson Poole Pirates
2003 Brandon Stadium, Coventry England Lee Richardson Coventry Bees
2004 Poole Stadium, Poole Denmark Bjarne Pedersen Poole Pirates
2005 Abbey Stadium, Swindon Denmark Nicki Pedersen Eastbourne Eagles
2006 Poole Stadium, Poole Australia Jason Crump Belle Vue Aces
2007 Norfolk Arena, Kings Lynn Denmark Nicki Pedersen Eastbourne Eagles
2008 Perry Barr Stadium, Birmingham Australia Jason Crump Belle Vue Aces
2009 Brandon Stadium, Coventry Australia Leigh Adams Swindon Robins
2010 East of England Showground, Peterborough Sweden Fredrik Lindgren Wolverhampton Wolves
2011 Abbey Stadium, Swindon Australia Rory Schlein Belle Vue Aces
2012 Abbey Stadium, Swindon Australia Chris Holder Poole Pirates
2013 Abbey Stadium, Swindon Australia Rory Schlein[3] King's Lynn Stars
2014 Norfolk Arena, Kings Lynn Australia Troy Batchelor Swindon Robins
2015 Jordan Road Surfacing Stadium, Leicester Australia Jason Doyle Leicester Lions

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