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Elite Plaza Business Center
Elite Plaza Business Center Main.jpg
Elite Plaza Business Center from the Golden Market rooftop
General information
TypeCommercial Offices
Location15 Movses Khorenatsi Street, Yerevan, Armenia
Coordinates40°10′30.5″N 44°30′36.4″E / 40.175139°N 44.510111°E / 40.175139; 44.510111Coordinates: 40°10′30.5″N 44°30′36.4″E / 40.175139°N 44.510111°E / 40.175139; 44.510111
Construction startedMarch 2007
CompletedJanuary 2013 (opened February 2013)
OwnerElite Group
Technical details
Floor count19
Floor area24000 sq.m.
Design and construction
ArchitectHovhannes Mutafyan
DeveloperElite Group

Elite Plaza Business Center,[1] also referred to as the Khorenatsi 15,[2] is a business center in the financial center of Armenia’s capital Yerevan opened in February 2013.[3] With its 18 floors and 24,000 sq.m. of office space Elite Plaza is the largest business center in Armenia.[4]


The building was constructed by Elite Group, completed in January 2013 and opened on 16 February 2013.[5] International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, joined forces with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to facilitate development of business infrastructure and create employment in Armenia by supporting construction of Elite Plaza, the first high-class multipurpose office building in Yerevan.[6] IFC and EBRD provided loans of $5.4 million and $3.6 million, respectively, to Elite Group, a leading property development company with operations in Armenia and Georgia, to build an 18-store building that will accommodate office, retail, conference, and exhibition areas to meet the growing demand for high-quality office space in Armenia.[7]

In 2016 journalist Liana Aghajanian described Elite Plaza in the following terms: "Its gaudy green finish and overbearing, odd shape, however, make it symbolic of rapid architectural changes the city is going through, losing its historical buildings to a flashy attempt at a contemporary “elite” style."[8]


  • Elite Group [9]
  • Armenian Card (ArCa)
  • Armenian Credit Reporting Agency (ACRA)
  • Financial System Mediator
  • VTB-Armenia Bank
  • NeuroHub Business Academy
  • EPAM Systems Armenia
  • OPTYM Armenia
  • SkyMed
  • RE/MAX Armenia
  • Inter Alco
  • Voyago
  • TK Equity Partners [10]
  • Capital Asset Management [11]
  • Capital Investment [12]
  • Araratbank [13]
  • Liberty/Free Europe Radio [14]
  • Capital Locus
  • Javakhk Benevolent Union
  • Sandoz (Novartis)
  • Inecobank
  • Reso Insurance
  • Alvarium
  • Travelon [15]
  • AMTravel
  • Luxus House
  • Monarch Capital
  • Light Affect
  • Alpha Group
  • Nairian
  • Ghulyan and Partners Law firm
  • IBS Consulting
  • FT Global
  • Nairian
  • SEAF Management


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