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Elite Answers Inc., formerly named Eliteweb, is a Toronto-based company that provides corporations and organisations with technology solutions including email marketing, web site development, search engine optimization and corporate social networking tools. Elite Answers began operations with the launch of the Eliteweb.cc search engine on October 11, 2005;[1][2] the search engine was later renamed EliteAnswers.com. In 2006, the company expanded its offerings to include Elite Email, an e-mail marketing program for small businesses, and other Net-based services.[3] In 2007, the company was named one of Canada's Top 20 Up and Comers by the Branham Group and Backbone Magazine.[4] In 2009, Elite Email was rated one of the top 50 Email Service Providers by Website Magazine.[5]

President, Robert Burko, made front page news in the Toronto Star in a heartfelt story titled "A heart attack, a wedding and an iPad" where technology was used to save a wedding day after the father of the bride suffered a heart-attack 48 hours before the wedding.[6]


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