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Eliza Moore (1843 - January 21, 1948) was one of the last living African Americans proven to have been born into slavery in the United States. Moore was born a slave in Montgomery County, Alabama, in 1843.

During the American Civil War, she was known to be the slave of a Dr. Taylor, according to B. E. Bolser, of Mt. Meigs, Alabama. She married Asbury Moore, who was also a slave, and they went to the Gilchrist Place together as sharecroppers after the war. Eliza and Asbury had two children together, Asbury died in 1943 and was also said to be more than 100 years old.[1]

It is reported that Eliza Moore had been living on the Gilchrist Place for about 65 or 70 years at the time of her death in 1948. Eliza Moore died at the age of 105 on January 21, 1948, at a home on the Gilchrist Place in Montgomery County.[1]


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