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Dr. Elizabeth Anita Widjaja (born 1951) is a Senior Principal Researcher of bamboo taxonomy at the Herbarium Bogoriense, Botany Division, Biological Research Centre at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences in Bogor, Indonesia.[1][2][3][4] She is especially interested in Indonesian bamboo and Malesian bamboo generally, and promotes the cultivation of bamboo for the prevention of erosion.[2]

Dr. Widjaja recently said, of bamboo as a source of biofuel, that:

It is an overwhelming source. Furthermore, it is easy to work with bamboo so research about bamboo-based biofuel should be cheaper.[5]

Bambusa lako (Timor black bamboo) was described and separated from the Indonesian black bamboo species Gigantochloa atroviolacea by Professor Widjaja in 1997, as its appearance (morphology) differed.[6]


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