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Elizabeth B. French (born 1931) is a former warden of Ashburne Hall,[1][dead link] Manchester, former director of the British School at Athens and an authority in Mycenaean archaeology, especially pottery and terracotta figurines.

Early life[edit]

Elizabeth B. French was born in 1931.[citation needed]


French developed a detailed classification scheme for a series of Mycenaean terra cotta figurines dating from the Late Helladic period (c.1500 - 1100 B.C.).[2] She coined the term kourotrophos for a particular class of these artifacts depicting a woman holding a child.[3] She has been involved in excavation and publication of archaeological excavation at Mycenae for many years and recently completed a survey of the remains around Mycenae in collaboration with the Archaeological Society of Athens.[4] She wrote an account of the monuments and history of Mycenae itself.[5] Her joint publication with P.S. Stockhammer, 'Correlating recent research: the pottery of Mycenae and Tiryns in the second half of the 13th Century BC', Annual of the British School at Athens, 106 (2009) 175-232 is the first attempt to align discoveries at the two most important Mycenaean sites.


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