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Elizabeth Filippouli
Elizabeth Filippouli speaking GTF London 2014.jpg
Elizabeth Filippouli addresses Global Thinkers Forum 'Leadership & Collaboration' at HomeHouse in London on March 27, 2014
Born Elizabeth (Elissavet) Filippouli
(1974-08-13) August 13, 1974 (age 42)
Greece Athens, Greece
Occupation Journalist, entrepreneur
Nationality Greek
Alma mater University of Oxford
Genre Non-fiction, news
Subject Politics, society, entrepreneurship, media
www.globalthinkersforum.org, www.globalthinkersmentors.org

Elizabeth Filippouli (born August 13, 1974) is a Greek entrepreneur, consultant and business strategist with particular focus on leadership, positive change and social entrepreneurship.

She is the founder and CEO of Global Thinkers, a UK-based and internationally operating media and business development consultancy and Global Thinkers Forum a social-purpose think-tank and platform bringing together incumbent and future leaders to exchange ideas, knowledge and promote excellence.

She was recently named among Oxford University’s Said Business School’s 42 top graduate entrepreneurs.

Dubai, UAE - November 2014: Elizabeth Filippouli with CNN's Becky Anderson and Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Muna AbuSulayman

Filippouli's background is in media, having worked as a journalist with Greek press and TV and international organizations such as Al Jazeera English and CNN. She moved to Qatar in 2005 to join AJE as a presenter and correspondent and lives in London since 2007, dedicating time travelling for the needs of GT and GTF. She serves on the boards of NewsXchange, the International News Safety Institute, and is also a member of the Royal Television Society and the Certified Institute of PR.


As a journalist, Filippouli has been a member of the Al Jazeera English (AJE) launch team based in Doha, Qatar. She was the presenter of flagship programs, such as: People & Power, Witness and Crossroads Europe. For AJE she also produced a number of documentaries, such as: Greekgate and Italygate, investigating two espionage scandals of massive proportions which rocked the political systems in Italy and Greece. She also produced A King Without a Country, a documentary on the life of ex-King Constantine of Greece, and the factual series Crossroads Europe, a program analysing the fundamental changes happening in European societies.

Before this, she worked with CNN International for six years as a contributor, regularly reporting for CNN on Greek affairs and on breaking news in Greece.

Filippouli started her career as a main news presenter for the Greek public television, ERT. She went on to work with Greek press (Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia etc.) and radio (Athens 98.4).

She is the daughter of the well-known Greek journalist and screenwriter, Stamatis Filippoulis (Σταμάτης Φιλιππούλης).

Global Thinking[edit]

Filippouli is an advocate of the importance of global thinking and in 2010 launched Global Thinkers as a next-generation HR and business development consultancy, helping companies improve their leadership practices and reach new markets by forging collaborations and new partnerships. Global Thinkers creates forward thinking strategies and events in the fields of public affairs, leadership and business development.

In addition to Global Thinkers, in 2012 Filippouli launched Global Thinkers Forum (GTF), a global platform that brings together innovative minds and creates discussions to promote knowledge exchange and new ideas in leadership and collaboration. With more than 10,000 names of CEOs, investors, academics and media representatives in its database, GTF enjoys a wide, diverse and influential network of global experts.

Amman, Jordan-October 2012: Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Elizabeth Filippouli attending Global Thinkers Forum 2012 'Women Leaders in MENA - Power & Creativity'

The inaugural Global Thinkers Forum took place in 2012 under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and it convened 300 CEOs, leaders, innovators, social entrepreneurs, investors and academics.

Athens, Greece - December 2013: Elizabeth Filippouli and Stephen Cole presenting the Global Thinkers Forum Awards for Excellence 2013

In 2012 Global Thinkers Forum inaugurated the 'Global Thinkers Forum Awards for Excellence', to celebrate and salute the work of forward-thinking leaders with remarkable achievements. Workshops, roundtables and networking events are organised under the editorial umbrella of GTF in various cities around the world. The Global Thinkers Forum advisory board features world acclaimed thought leaders and brands. Filippouli has coined the terms Digimocracy ('Digital Democracy' as a new form of participatory Democracy generated by ICT) and Globonomy (the term refers to the reality of a globalized economy and the various collaboration and other needs pushing towards the formation of a new economic model). Filippouli is a regular speaker at international conferences discussing leadership issues and global trends.

Mentoring Platform[edit]

In 2015 Filippouli and Global Thinkers Forum launched an international mentoring program, Global Thinkers Mentors, matchmaking youth and women from all over the world with accomplished leaders in order to help them with their personal and professional development.

Global Network[edit]

Filippouli is a firm believer in the power of human connections, cross cultural understanding and collaboration. Over the course of her international media career, she developed a very diverse international network of influencers, thought leaders and decision makers.

Other Projects[edit]

As a media and crisis management consultant Filippouli has worked with international firms such as the National Lottery (UK), Athens Olympic Games, Coca-Cola, TIM and NewsXchange. As a management consultant she has developed and trademarked an international concept, VALORE (Values-based Leadership for Organisational Excellence) that helps leaders embrace and implement values-based thinking strategies. Filippouli is often invited as keynote speaker to talk about leadership, women empowerment and global networking.


As a journalist among the people that Filippouli has interviewed are: Ted Turner, James Rubin, Deepak Chopra, Mohamed El Baradei, Chris Cramer, Al Gore, Susan Sarandon, Lord Robertson, Christiane Amanpour, Peter Arnett, King Constantine of Greece, and Lord Coe.


Elizabeth has studied Strategy and Innovation at Said Business School of Oxford University (MBA), Transnational Media and Globalisation at London City University (MA) and has taken the Harvard Executive Education Kennedy School of Government program on "Shaping Change in the Information Age".

Charity interests[edit]

Filippouli serves in the Advisory Board of the International News Safety Institute (www.newssafety.org), WATIF (World Internet & the Artists Foundation) and the British Poppy Ball Committee in support of the Royal British Legion (www.thepoppyball.co.uk)

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