Elizabeth Grey, Viscountess Lisle

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Elizabeth Grey, 5th Baroness Lisle, Viscountess Lisle (25 March 1505 – 1519) was an English noblewoman.

Elizabeth was the daughter of John Grey, 2nd Viscount Lisle and Lady Muriel Howard. After the death of her stepfather, Sir Thomas Knyvet, in August 1512, Elizabeth was left an orphan and became the ward of Sir Charles Brandon, a favourite of King Henry VIII. Brandon had already been married twice before, in scandalous circumstances, and would marry twice more, also in scandalous circumstances, but at this point was a widower.

In 1513, Elizabeth and Brandon were betrothed, and he was made Viscount Lisle in anticipation of their marriage - she was then only eight years old. In 1515, he married Mary Tudor, the widowed Queen consort of France and Henry VIII's younger sister (without having obtained the consent of the King). Having married he was obliged to surrender the title and Elizabeth's wardship. This was passed on to Katherine Plantagenet, Countess of Devon, who married Elizabeth to her son, Henry Courtenay, a cousin of the King and grandson of Edward IV of England. Elizabeth died before the marriage could be consummated.[1]


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