Elizabeth Kucinich

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Elizabeth Kucinich
Elizabeth Kucinich by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Kucinich in 2015
Born Elizabeth Jane Harper
(1977-10-22) 22 October 1977 (age 39)
North Ockendon, England, UK
Spouse(s) Dennis Kucinich (m. 2005)

Elizabeth Jane Kucinich (née Harper; born 22 October 1977) is a British organic food and vegan advocate. She is the producer of two documentaries,[1] (Hot Water and GMO OMG) and a socially conscious business owner.[2] Married to former 8-term US Congressman and two time Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, Kucinich splits her time between Cleveland, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.

In 2005, after working with rural and urban poor in India and Tanzania, Kucinich moved to the USA to organise the first international conference on monetary reform for the American Monetary Institute. She has previously been the Director of Policy at the Center for Food Safety and the Director of Government Affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)[3] and a congressional liaison for former President of the United Nations General Assembly.[4]

Kucinich is a board director of several organisations, including Sean Penn's Haitian relief organisation, J/P HRO;[5] the Rodale Institute;[6] a fledgling vegan food company, Gardenbar; and UNRWA USA, a nonprofit supporting the work of UNRWA.

Kucinich is executive producer of GMO OMG, which "arguably does for genetically modified organisms what Al Gore’s 2006 Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth did for climate change.[7] Kucinich is also producer of the documentary "Hot Water" which reveals radioactive contamination of ground water across the United States.[8]

Kucinich's appearance has been noted in the media. Vanity Fair magazine named Elizabeth Kucinich among the nation's "best dressed" political wives,[9] the Plain Dealer featured her preference for shopping in resale and consignment stores [10] and Cleveland Magazine pegged her as "Cleveland's most interesting".[11] Esquire magazine named her one of the sexiest women in politics,[12] while the Washington Post described Kucinich as "if not a national obsession, then certainly a treasured District landmark" who as "an excellent example of genetics could easily have made it in the other Hollywood." [13]

Early life[edit]

Born Elizabeth Jane Harper, she was brought up in North Ockendon in the London Borough of Havering, England. She attended Coopers' Company and Coborn School in Upminster from 1989–96. According to her mother, as a girl Kucinich was always interested in human rights and the environment and circulated petitions on animal rights at school and lobbied Parliament from the age of 14 years. After leaving school, she traveled alone to India for six months. There she went to Agra and volunteered at one of Mother Teresa's homes for India's poorest children. After completing her university education in 2002, Kucinich moved to Tanzania where she worked with Voluntary Services Overseas, the UK's version of the Peace Corps, as a community development worker in the rural Dodoma Region.


Kucinich holds a BA in Religions Studies and Theology, an MA in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent, UK and has completed vocational training in core Skills in U.N. Human Rights fieldwork, SPHERE: implementation training in Minimum Standards in Disaster Response, and the Child Protection Certificate. In alignment with her core commitments, she is also credentialed in Peace and Reconciliation Studies from Coventry University, UK

Personal life[edit]

Newly in from England with no knowledge of who Kucinich was other than being a member of Congress, Harper walked into Kucinich's office on 4 May 2005. They had an eight-minute meeting on monetary policy. They've described this initial interaction as "soul recognition".[14] The second time they met was in New Mexico at another policy event later that month. While in New Mexico they decided to get married and three months later they did so, on 21 August 2005.

As of 2016, Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich's marriage and deep affection for each other has continued to be a point of public interest. Regularly described as lovebirds,[15][16] headlines like "Rep. Kucinich spotted canoodling with wife at train station" [17] and "Kucinich gets some love on an escalator" [18] are not uncommon.


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