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The Elizabeth L. Scott Award is an biennial award given (in even years) by the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies and named in honor of Elizabeth Scott, an American statistician.[1] This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies the contributions of Elizabeth L. Scott’s lifelong efforts to further the careers of women in academia. The award is given to an individual who has helped foster opportunities in statistics for women and is presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings. Starting in 2020, the recipient of the award will give a lecture at the Joint Statistical Meetings.[2]

List of Award winners[edit]

Winners of the Elizabeth L. Scott Award
Award date Recipient Institution
2022 Madhu Mazumdar [d] Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
2020 Amita Manatunga Emory University
2018 Bin Yu[3][4] University of California, Berkeley
2016 Amanda L. Golbeck University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
2014 Kathryn Chaloner[5] University of Iowa
2012 Mary W. Gray American University
2010 Mary E. Thompson University of Waterloo
2008 Lynne Billard[6] University of Georgia
2006 Louise Ryan Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
2004 Gladys Reynolds Bell South
2002 Janet Norwood US Bureau of Labor Statistics
2000 Nancy Flournoy University of Missouri
1998 Ingram Olkin Stanford University
1996 Grace Wahba University of Wisconsin-Madison
1994 Donna Brogan Emory University
1992 Florence Nightingale David University of California, Riverside

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