Elizabeth Macarthur High School

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Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Narellan Vale, New South Wales
Coordinates 34°03′26.5″S 150°44′23.5″E / 34.057361°S 150.739861°E / -34.057361; 150.739861Coordinates: 34°03′26.5″S 150°44′23.5″E / 34.057361°S 150.739861°E / -34.057361; 150.739861
Motto Respect, Responsibility, Pride
Established 1988
Principal Kylie Hedger

Elizabeth Macarthur High School is an academically selective and community high school in New South Wales located in the suburb of Narellan Vale. The school is the first official partial selective high school in the Camden region, found on the outskirts of metropolitan Sydney. It is named in honour of Elizabeth Macarthur, wife of John Macarthur, who were agricultural pioneers of Australia, notable for the establishment of the Australian Merino wool industry.


Established in 1988, the school officially became an academically selective school in 2010, where currently only Years 7-11 are included within the selective stream. The entrance score for Elizabeth Macarthur High School from the Selective High Schools Entry Test currently sits at around 172, low in comparison to other state selective schools. Its rank, according to a document produced by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2009 through NAPLAN results, was 386th in New South Wales, its highest rank being equal 90th for Year 9 Reading with 8 other high schools.

The school is an agricultural high school, capable of providing students with the subject of Agriculture. The school has an established performance in livestock shows, such as the Camden Show and the Royal Easter Show, where students who participate do so in sacrifice of their own time.