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Elizabeth Roemer in 1963

Elizabeth Roemer (1929–April 8, 2016)[1] was an American astronomer whose research interests centered on comets and asteroids.

Roemer was a professor at the University of Arizona.[2] She discovered the two main-belt asteroids 1930 Lucifer and 1983 Bok.[2] In addition, she took an extensive set of photographic plates of comets over 25 years, attempting to get consistent data for the magnitudes of the comet nuclei. She recovered 79 returning short period comets during her career. In 1975, she also co-discovered Themisto (Jupiter XVIII), one of the 67 moons of Jupiter.[3]

The inner main-belt asteroid 1657 Roemera, discovered by Swiss astronomer Paul Wild in 1961, was named in her honor (M.P.C. 2347).[4]


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