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Elizabeth Treadwell (born 1967) is an American poet. Her works include LILYFOIL + 3 (O Books, 2004), Chantry (Chax Press, 2004), Cornstarch Figurine (Dusie Books, 2006), Birds & Fancies (Shearsman Books, 2007), and Wardolly (Chax Press, 2008).

Poetic style[edit]

Writing in Stride magazine, critic Nathan Thompson called hers "a difficult but deeply rewarding poetry. It has a precision and a tenderness all of its own."1 In Boog City, critic Maureen Thorson called Treadwell's "a feminine poetry, marvelous, tough, and unrelenting."2 Treadwell's work has also been reviewed in Rain Taxi, Jacket, The Believer (magazine), and elsewhere. Her work is discussed in The Boston Review May/June 2009 as part of "The New Thing: the object lessons of recent American poetry."3


Born in Oakland, California, Treadwell is a graduate of the Berkeley Unified School District, the University of California, Berkeley (B.A. in Native American Studies, 1991), and San Francisco State University (MFA in Creative Writing, 1997). From 2000 to 2007, she was director of Small Press Traffic Literary Arts Center at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.


  • Virginia or the mud-flap girl, Dusie Books, 2012
  • Wardolly, Chax Press, 2008
  • Birds & Fancies, Shearsman Books, 2007
  • The Graces (chapbook), Dusie wee, 2006
  • Cornstarch Figurine, Dusie Books, 2006
  • LILYFOIL + 3, O Books, 2004
  • Chantry, Chax Press, 2004
  • LILYFOIL (or Boy & Girl Tramps of America) (chapbook), Duration Press, 2002
  • The Milk Bees (chapbook), Lucille Series, 2000
  • Eve Doe: Prior to Landscape (chapbook), a+bend press, 1999
  • Populace, Avec Books, 1999
  • The Erratix & Other Stories (chapbook), Texture Press, 1998
  • Eve Doe (becoming an epic poem) (chapbook), Double Lucy Books, 1997
  • Eleanor Ramsey: The Queen of Cups, Fourteen Hills Press, 1997[1]


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