Elizabeth Tyrwhitt

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Elizabeth Tyrwhitt
Born Circa 1519
Died April 1578
Occupation English writer and courtier

Lady Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (née Oxenbridge; c. 1519 – April 1578)[1] was an English writer, gentlewoman and courtier.

The wife of Robert Tyrwhitt, she was the daughter of Sir Goddard Oxenbridge of Brede, East Sussex. She and her husband had at least one child, a daughter.[2]

She was the author of Morning and Evening Prayers (1574).[3] She served in the households of Queen Jane Seymour and Queen Catherine Howard.[4]

She was a friend, lady-in-waiting and distant cousin, of Henry VIII's sixth wife, Catherine Parr, and served in her household.[5] She served in the household of Katherine Parr and her fourth husband, Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour of Sudeley. She gave evidence about a possibly inappropriate relationship between Seymour and his stepdaughter, the future Elizabeth I of England[6][7] and about the death of Catherine Parr.[8]


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