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Elizabeth Walter
Born 1927
Died May 8, 2006
Occupation short story writer, translator
Nationality U.K.
Genre horror, Fantasy

Elizabeth Walter (1927 – May 8, 2006)[1] was a U.K. writer of short stories in the horror and fantasy genres.[2]

She was brought up in the Welsh Border country (Herefordshire), and lived in London in later life though with periodic returns to the Wye Valley and the Black Mountains. An editor for a British publishing house,she edited Collins Crime Club titles for more than thirty years, from 1961-1993.

Several of her supernatural tales were inspired by travels in other countries, especially Germany.

She authored six short story collections and four novels. Three of her stories were filmed for television.


Collections of Ghost Stories[edit]

  • Snowfall and Other Chilling Events (1965)
  • The Sin Eater and Other Scientific Impossibilities (1967)
  • Davy Jones' Tale and Other Supernatural Stories (1971)
  • Come and Get Me and Other Uncanny Invitations (1973)
  • Dead Woman and Other Haunting Experiences (1975)
  • In the Mist and Other Uncanny Encounters (1979)



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