Elisabeth of Courtenay

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Elizabeth of Courtenay French: Elisabeth de Courtenay) (ca. 1199–1269 or later) was the daughter of Peter II of Courtenay and Yolanda of Flanders.

The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines mentions that Elisabeth married Walter Count of Bar-sur-Seine (died 1219) and then Eudes I Lord of Montaigu.[1]

Elizabeth and Eudes had several known children:[2]

  • Alexandre of Montagu, (1221–1249)
  • Guillaume I, Lord of Montaigu, (1222–1300)
  • Phillipe of Montagu, Lord of Chagny (born 1227) married Flore d'Antigny. Had a daughter Jeanne of Mantagu.
  • Gaucher of Montagu, Lord of Jambles, (born 1230)
  • Eudes of Mantagu, (born 1231)
  • Unnamed daughter, (died young)
  • Unnamed daughter, (died young)
  • Marguerite, Lady of Villeneuve, (born 1232)[citation needed]


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