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Elizaveta performing in 2011
Background information
Birth nameElizaveta Igorevna Khripounova
Also known asElizaveta, Elly K
BornNew York City, US
OriginMoscow, Russia
GenresAlternative Pop/Rock,[1] Classical Crossover,[1] Easy Listening,[2] Acoustic, Pop, Jazz, Opera
Occupation(s)Pianist, singer, songwriter, opera singer
Years active2004–present
LabelsUniversal Republic Records

Elizaveta Igorevna Khripounova (Russian: Елизавета Игоревна Хрипунова), now recording as Elizaveta (Russian: Елизавета), also formerly known as Elly K, is a Russian-American pianist, singer/songwriter and opera singer.

Her debut full-length album Beatrix Runs was produced by Grammy Award-winner Greg Wells[3] and was digitally released on Universal Republic Records 24 January 2012 exclusively via iTunes. The album was physically released through Amazon on 17 July 2012. Also on 17 July 2012, Elizaveta released her iTunes Session EP.[4]

In 2013 Khripounova performed at the TED Global 2013.[5]

On 17 March 2014 the first single from the Hero EP was remixed by electronic music duo Pegboard Nerds and featured in the viral video "Superman with a GoPro" which has over 20 million views on YouTube.[6]

On 14 April 2014, Khripounova released the Hero EP which reached #38 on Billboard's Heatseaker's Charts.[7] On the same day, The A.V. Club premiered a video for the song "Sorry" which featured Malece Miller and Nico Greetham from the television show, So You Think You Can Dance.[8]

Elizaveta's songs have been featured in ABC's Scandal,[9] Pretty Little Liars[10] and The Affair.[11]

Elizaveta also sings the Tavern Songs [12][13] in the award-winning role playing video game Dragon Age Inquisition, as the bard Maryden Halewell.[14]

Elizaveta's first single from her 2015 album Messenger is called 'Trap' and is featured in a Russian motion picture "Призрак"(2015).[15]


Elizaveta was born in New York City and raised in Moscow, Russia.[16] She is a pianist, singer/songwriter, and opera singer with classical training.[17] In 2007 she released a digital EP "Like Water". The title track was featured in the 2008 motion picture The House Bunny.[18]

Her song "Gravity" was also featured in the 2010 motion picture Ice Castles.[19]


  • The Piano Girl (EP, 2002, Elly K) - as Elly K[20]
  • Intangible (2004, RussianChicksRule! Records) - as Elly K[21]
  • Breakfast With Chopin (2006)
  • Like Water (2008)
  • Elizaveta (EP, 2011, Universal Republic)
  • Beatrix Runs (2012, Universal Republic)
  • Elizaveta: iTunes Session EP (2012, Universal Republic)
  • Hero (with Pegboard Nerds) (2014, Monstercat)
  • Elizaveta: Hero EP (2014, Flower Army Records) [22]
  • Messenger (2015, Flower Army Records)
  • Extraordinary (with Pegboard Nerds and Spyker) (2017, Monstercat)
  • Drifters (with Feint) (2019, Monstercat)


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