Elk Lake (British Columbia)

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Not to be confused with Elk Lakes (British Columbia).
Elk and Beaver Lakes
Location Saanich, British Columbia
Coordinates 48°31′30″N 123°23′46″W / 48.525°N 123.396°W / 48.525; -123.396Coordinates: 48°31′30″N 123°23′46″W / 48.525°N 123.396°W / 48.525; -123.396
Primary inflows O'Donnel Creek
Primary outflows Colquitz Creek
Catchment area 11.5 km2 (4.4 sq mi)
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 2.46 km2 (0.95 sq mi) (Elk Lake, Beaver Lake, Elk-Beaver channel)[1]
Max. depth 17.9 m (59 ft)[1]
Residence time 4.4 years (Elk Lake),
0.25 years (Beaver Lake)[1]

Elk Lake is a large lake located in Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park in Saanich, British Columbia. Elk Lake and Beaver Lake are actually one lake as a shallow channel connects them. Elk/Beaver lake was known as the "Freshwater Playground of Victoria" in its heyday, the 1930s and 1940s. However, with the completion of the Pat Bay highway in the 1950s, focus turned to environmentalism, and measures were taken to start restoring the park to its natural state and protecting it. In 1966 Elk/Beaver lake became a regional park.


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