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For the 1988 punk song by Die Ärzte, see Elke (song).

Elke (Éhl-kah) is a feminine given name. Different sources give different accounts of its origin. One source describes it as a Low German and East Frisian diminutive of Adelheid, meaning "of noble birth".[1] Another states that it originated as a Yiddish feminine variant of Elkan, which itself came from the Biblical name Elkanah.[2]

In English-speaking countries, the variant Elkie was popularised by the singer Elkie Brooks.[2] Other variants of the name include Elka and Alke.[1]

In the United States, the 1990 Census found that Elke was the 2,588th most common given name for women, being held by about 0.002% of the female population at the time, while the other variants Elkie, Elka, and Alke were not among the names held by at least 0.001% of the female population (the most common 4,275 names).[3]





  • Elkie Brooks (born Elaine Bookbinder, 1945), English singer
  • Elkie Chong (born Chong Ting-yan, 1998), Hong Kong singer

Fictional characters[edit]


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