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Founded16 March 1962
HeadquartersLørenskog, Norway
Key people
Jaan Ivar Semlitsch (CEO, Elkjøp Nordic AS)
ProductsConsumer electronics, white goods, brown goods
Revenue£2.3 billion (2013-2014)
Number of employees
ParentDixons Carphone
Elkjøp Megastore, Kristiansand.
Elkjøp branch in Denmark under a different name.

Elkjøp (translates as El buy) better known as Elgiganten outside Norway, is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries, with 400 stores in six countries and 10,000 employees.[1] It is owned by Dixons Carphone, who bought it in 1999, then removing the company from Oslo Stock Exchange.

It was founded by Trygve Fjetland on 16 March 1962.[2] Elkjøp also had sister stores outside the Nordic countries, namely in Czech Republic and in Slovakia. These were sold in 2014. The company as a whole sold for £2.3 billion in 2013 to 2014.[3] Means of maintaining the low prices include huge bulk purchases and accompanying stockpiles, efficient use of big department stores instead of costly downtown shops, and an extensive array of no name or lesser known brands.

Because the sales are mostly based on volume, customers in seek of more in depth technical expertise may turn to stores specialized in the intended product group.

Most stores in the Elkjøp corporation have a fifty day full refund policy which allows consumers to try the product at home and still return it for any given reason,[4] often with the exception of, including mobile phones, software, internal hardware components and consumables, which need to be sealed.


Elkjøp trades under several different brands:

Country Local name Number of stores
 Denmark Elgiganten 38
 Faroe Islands Elding 2
 Finland Gigantti 41
 Greenland Elgiganten 2
 Iceland Elko 4
 Norway Elkjøp/Elkjøp Phonehouse 144
 Sweden Elgiganten/Elgiganten Phone House 165


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