Ella Bella Bingo

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Ella Bella Bingo
Also known asElla Bella
Sunshine Kathy
Created byFrank Mosvold
Tom Peter Hansen
Trond MortenVenaasen
Written bySam Barlow (script editor)
Directed byGinger Gibbons
Voices ofGaia Ottman
Jamie Oram
Kirsten Llagan
Evelyn Rose McDermott
Giles New
Beth Chalmers
Jasmine Hood
ComposerAndrew Hugget
Country of originSingapore
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes105
Executive producersJyotirmoy Saha
Frank Mosvold
Running time6-7 minutes
Production companiesAugust Media Holdings Pte Ltd
Kool Produktion AS
Original release
Release2009 (2009) –
2015 (2015)

Ella Bella Bingo[1][2] is a pre-school animated television series, co-produced by Singapore-based August Media Holdings and Norway's Kool Produktion AS. The show revolves around the adventures of a 5-year-old girl named Ella, who lives in Sunshine Gardens, along with her family and friends.

The first 27 episodes of Ella Bella Bingo (previously known as Sunshine Kathy[3]) were screened on NRK from 2010 until 2011.

The character was originally created in 2009 by illustrator Tom Petter Hansen, and the series was developed the same year by Hansen, scriptwriter Trond Morten K. Venaasen and producer Frank Mosvold. In 2011, the show was then redeveloped and re-designed by Jyotirmoy Saha of August Media Holdings.[4][5]

As of April 2015, 105 episodes of Ella Bella Bingo have been produced, The series has been sold in more than 20 countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Singapore, Indonesia, Israel, Taiwan, Turkey, Bangladesh,[6] and all the Middle Eastern[7] and North African countries.[citation needed]


Ella Bella Bingo is targeted at pre-school children. It follows the adventures of happy-go-lucky Ella and her friends. The series is a warm humorous mix of fun and laughter. Each 7-minute episode is about how Ella uses her boundless creativity, infectious enthusiasm, and a never-give-up attitude to solve everyday problems in innovative ways.[citation needed]

Ella Bella Bingo is directed by the Emmy-nominated and BAFTA winner Ginger Gibbons[8] and scripted by the acclaimed writer Sam Barlow.[citation needed]


Energetic and artistic Ella is the heartbeat of our series. Ella is a regular 5-year-old girl who lives with her dad, friends, and neighbours in an apartment block called Sunshine Gardens. What makes Ella special is that she is upbeat and fun-loving, always fizzing with enthusiasm and ideas. Ella and her friends often find themselves in sticky situations (or as Ella puts it, "Uh-oh, what a pickle!" moments). Luckily Ella has the remarkable ability to solve these problems in spectacular and surprisingly creative ways. Ella’s "Bingo" moments invariably involve the participation of the entire Sunshine Garden gang. Relationships are central to our show. Ella’s neighbours are her extended family. They all look out for one another, providing adventure and encouragement, making Sunshine Gardens a safe and interesting place to live.


  • Henry: Henry is Ella’s best friend. Henry and Ella are like yin and yang – they complement each other, yet are very different in their outlooks. A confessed science geek, Henry finds Ella’s company exhilarating
  • Ella’s dad: Ella’s dad is an illustrator and like many single parents, he’s busy doing a lot of things, but he always makes sure that he has time from Ella.
  • Lisa and Lottie: Lisa and Lottie are a little older than Ella, and they live on the floor above Henry. Lisa and Lottie are identical twins and yet are very different from one another. Lottie’s passion is singing, while Lisa is a gymnast.
  • Mrs. Berg: Mrs. Berg is Ella’s elderly neighbour. On the surface, Mrs. Berg seems like the classic granny, but don’t be fooled. In her younger days, Mrs. Berg led a life that few others have. Wait till you hear all the untold stories about her exploits in some of the most exotic parts of the world.
  • Mr. Jackson: Mr. Jackson is the caretaker of Sunshine Gardens. If Mrs. Berg is the surrogate grandmother, then Mr. Jackson is the grandfatherly equivalent. A good-natured helper to others, his job is to keep the building running, which he does, despite his forgetful nature, and the bemusement of the other adults.


Season 1 (2011)[edit]

Original air date : 1 December 2011 (NRK Super)

# English Title Director Written by
101 "Dog Trouble" Anton Hannibal & Robert Depuis Trond Morten K. Venaasen
102 "The Fabulous Fruitcake" Anton Hannibal Trond Morten K. Venaasen
103 "The New Bed" Tom Petter Hansen & Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
104 "The Pink Umbrella" Anton Hannibal Susan Kim
105 "The Proud Duckling" Tom Petter Hansen & Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
106 "The Garden Gnome" Tom Petter Hansen & Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
107 "Father´s Day" Anton Hannibal & Robert Depuis Susan Kim
108 "The Great Race Day" Tom Petter Hansen & Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
109 "Trick or Treat!" Anton Hannibal Susan Kim
110 "Shooting Star" Tom Petter Hansen & Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
111 "My Valentine" Anton Hannibal & Robert Depuis Trond Morten K. Venaasen
112 "Everything is fun" Tom Petter Hansen & Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
113 "The Picnic Celebration" Robert Depuis Susan Kim
114 "The Beautiful Princess" Tom Petter Hansen and Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
115 "The Exciting Camping Trip" Tom Petter Hansen and Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
116 "The Slumber Party" Anton Hannibal and Robert Depuis Trond Morten K. Venaasen
117 "On Two Wheels" Anton Hannibal and Robert Depuis Susan Kim
118 "Happy Birthday, Papa" Anton Hannibal Susan Kim
119 "Johansen´s Surprise" Anton Hannibal Susan Kim
120 "The Whimsical Doctor" Robert Depuis Trond Morten K. Venaasen
121 "Blowing in the Wind" Anton Hannibal Trond Morten K. Venaasen
122 "The Sandcastle Competition" Anton Hannibal and Robert Depuis Trond Morten K. Venaasen
123 "The Fun Marching Band" Tom Petter Hansen and Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
124 "The Busy Bee" Robert Depuis Trond Morten K. Venaasen
125 "The Important Messenger" Tom Petter Hansen and Frank Mosvold Trond Morten K. Venaasen
126 "The Fantastic Snowman" Anton Hannibal Trond Morten K. Venaasen

Season 2 (2013)[edit]

Original air date : 21 December 2013 (NRK Super)

# English Title Director Written by
201 "Chicken Dance" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
202 "Helping Hands" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
203 "Hide & See" Ginger Gibbons Rachel Dawson
204 "The Big Storm" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Ackhurst
205 "Bubble Trouble" Ginger Gibbons Gillian Corderoy
206 "Hocus Pocus" Ginger Gibbons Andy Bernhardt
207 "The Fat Cat" Ginger Gibbons James Mason
208 "Seeing Stars" Ginger Gibbons Rachel Dawson
209 "Boat Race" Ginger Gibbons James Mason
210 "Wet & Wild" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
211 "Splashing About" Ginger Gibbons James Mason
212 "The New Zoo" Ginger Gibbons Gillian Corderoy
213 "The Letter" Ginger Gibbons Andy Bernhardt
214 "Butterflies Flutter By" Ginger Gibbons Rachel Dawson
215 "Dinosaur Roar!" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
216 "Hidden Treasure" Ginger Gibbons James Mason
217 "The Story Teller" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
218 "Go Kart Go" Ginger Gibbons Gillian Corderoy
219 "On The Trail" Ginger Gibbons Laura Beaumont & Paul Larson
220 "Small Is All" Ginger Gibbons Andy Bernhardt
221 "Tatty Teddy" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Ackhurst
222 "Taking the Cake" Ginger Gibbons James Mason
223 "Orange Aid" Ginger Gibbons Laura Beaumont & Paul Larson
224 "Growing Up" Ginger Gibbons Rachel Dawson
225 "Circus Surprise" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
226 "Pirate Princess Puppy" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow

Season 3 (2014)[edit]

Original air date : 4 December 2014 (NRK Super)

# English Title Director Written by
301 "Best friends" Ginger Gibbons Gillian Corderoy
302 "Flying Friends" Ginger Gibbons Lizzie Ennever
303 "Talent Club" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
304 "Gone with the wind" Ginger Gibbons James Mason
305 "The best of sunshine Gardens" Ginger Gibbons Denise Cassar
306 "Doctor, Doctor!" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
307 "Keep fit" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
308 "Sing Along" Ginger Gibbons Denise Cassar
309 "Sunshine Ski Jump" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
310 "The Yellow Plumed warbler" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
311 "Backing band" Ginger Gibbons Gillian Corderoy
312 "Big Bash" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
313 "Football" Ginger Gibbons Lizzie Ennever
314 "Scarecrow" Ginger Gibbons Denise Cassar
315 "Torpical Trouble" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
316 "Art From The Heart" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
317 "Camp Out" Ginger Gibbons Denise Cassar
318 "Cowboy Movie" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
319 "Space Hopper" Ginger Gibbons Lizzie Ennever
320 "Tallest Tower" Ginger Gibbons James Mason
321 "Big Day Out" Ginger Gibbons Sean Carson
322 "Little Visitor" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
323 "Hobby Horse" Ginger Gibbons Denise Cassar
324 "Missing Tools" Ginger Gibbons James Mason
325 "Shrinking Play" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
326 "Tutti Ftuity" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
327 "Batty Bats" Ginger Gibbons Giles New & Keiron Self
328 "Rocket Boy" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
329 "Bingo Robot" Ginger Gibbons Gillian Corderoy
330 "Tiny Town" Ginger Gibbons Sean Carson
331 "Going Walkie Talkie" Ginger Gibbons Sean Carson
332 "Magic Wand" Ginger Gibbons Lizzie Ennever
333 "Pixie Patrol" Ginger Gibbons Sean Carson
334 "Boomerang" Ginger Gibbons Lizzie Ennever
335 "Dance Routine" Ginger Gibbons Denise Casser
336 "Silly Goat" Ginger Gibbons Gillian Corderoy
337 "Jokers Wild" Ginger Gibbons Sean Carson
338 "Troll Puppets" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
339 "Basement Monster" Ginger Gibbons Denise Casser
340 "Wheelbarrow Race" Ginger Gibbons Sean Carson
341 "Baby Sitters" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
342 "Christmas Tree" Ginger Gibbons Gillian Corderoy
343 "Pie And Seek" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
344 "Beast of Sunshine Gardens" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
345 "Deep Sea Adventure" Ginger Gibbons Simon Nicholson
346 "Double Trouble" Ginger Gibbons Lizzie Ennever
347 "Boing Boing" Ginger Gibbons Sean Carson
348 "Santa's On His Way" Ginger Gibbons David Freedman
349 "Eggy Surprise" Ginger Gibbons Lisa Akhurst
350 "On Guard" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow
351 "Fun In The Snow" Ginger Gibbons Sam Barlow & Sean Carson
352 "Old Betsy" Ginger Gibbons Sean Carson


Ella Bella Bingo is broadcast on Scandinavian channels such as NRK, DR and SVT, on Okto channel[9] in Singapore, TG4 in Ireland, Kidu.Co in Turkey, DaaiTV in Indonesia, Good TV in Taiwan, Hop TV in Israel, Duronto TV in Bangladesh,[6] and on the Al Jazeera network[10] across the MENA countries.[citation needed]


Ella Bella Bingo was adapted into a 75-minute eponymous feature film which was released on 24 January 2020.[11] In the film, Ella Bella and Henry are best friends with a plan of making a circus together, but when cool kid Johnny arrives in Sunshine Gardens he becomes Henry's new best friend, making Ella jealous and jeopardising the circus. It was a commercial success, grossing $981,814 against a budget of NOK 1,350,000 ($164,213), and received mixed to positive reviews from critics.[12][13][14]


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