Ellahy Amen Records

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Ellahy Amen Records
Founded 2002
Founder Leila Bela
Genre Experimental
Country of origin France/United States
Location Paris, France/Austin, Texas, USA
Official website http://www.ellahyamenrecords.com

Ellahy Amen Records is an American-French independent avant-garde record label, launched in 2002 by former Pigface member and experimental/avant-garde musician Leila Bela. The record label is based both in Paris, France and Austin, Texas, USA. Currently, the label has three artists signed to the roster.

The label considers itself a nonprofit organization interested in only helping musicians pursue their careers. The label allows artists to hold ownership of their songs and other written material and doesn't make decisions for them. The label spends their own money on the artist on gigs, appearances. The artist is not held responsible for owing money back to the label.


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