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Ellakkala (එල්ලක්කල) is one of the major suburbs close to Nittambuwa (නිට්ටඹුව) in Gampaha (ගම්පහ) Administrative District. It is located just 6.9 km north east from Nittambuwa.

Come through Colombo Kandy A1 highway it is 3 km from Pasyala Junction. Majority of Ellakkala lands are within Attanagalle Pradeshiya Sabha while some parts within Mirigama Pradeshiya Sabha. Specially lands are between Ellakkala and Meevitiya.

Adjourning suburbs are Haggalla, Walaliyedda, Godagama, Meevitiya, Katakaalapitiya, Allalamulla and Ma-Imbula.

Ellakkala is situated 46.2 km from Colombo Capital, 75.4 km from Kandy, 52.8 km from Kurunegala, 39.1 km from Katunayake International Airport, 26.6 km from Awissawella.


It seems that it has a bit of history with Hindu mythology with some goddess. But modern people are more of Buddhist background and intellectual people.


Its only festival is Gini Madu (Fire Festival) in December with Hindu traditional things. Though majority Buddhists live in the area, they all do contribute and participate in this festival. This festival has some giant elephants marching in the parade and it is so exciting with fireworks and other items.

Transport services[edit]

Bus services are available from 4:00 am to 11:30 pm every day. From 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, you may find 10–15 minute interval frequent bus service from Pasyala to Nittambuwa/Veyangoda via Sacred town Attanagalle. Nearest train stations are Mirigama and Weyangoda.

Financial services[edit]

Grameeya Bank and Sri Lanka Post Office at Ellakkala are the only institutes that may carry out little financial transactions for locals.


Traditional Pattini Dewol is a famous site in December. Lots of fun parades happening. Patthini Devalaya, Ma-imbula, Paddy terraces, Ellakkala Buddhist nuns monastery, Buddhist monastery at Weralugaslanda, Buddhist Vihara at Meevitiya.

List of shops at Ellakkala[edit]

Shabraha Fresh Meat Stall, Ellakkala Hardware Store in front of the Patthini Devalaya. Karunanayake Stores, Aluth Kade Grocery Shop, Bittara Mundalali's Little Eating Out, Vajira's Grocery Shop, Nihal Stores, Amare Stores, Hair Salon, Dhammika furniture, Wewaldeniya Stores, Akkara Ate kade grocery shop, Rose Tourist Restaurant, Budget Accommodation in front of Wewaldeniya Stores, Grocery shop near Ma-imbula road, Eating Out near Ellakala Maha Vidyala. Book Shops and Hardware Stores near Ellakala Maha Vidyalaya.


Ellakkala Maha Vidyalaya is the only Government-funded school in the area which accommodates students from Grade 1 to Grade 13. Nanadarama Sunday School is the only spiritual education center in Ellakkala which is volunteered by educated scholars in the area.

Administrative Divisions[edit]

GN Division Name of the G.N. Office
355 Ellakkala K.A. Gunawardana Ellakkala G.N. Office
355A Ellakkala K.A. Gunawardana Godagama G.N. Office
Ellakkala Post Code


Ellakkala features a tropical rainforest climate. Has no true dry season, though it is noticeably drier in the months of January and February. When it compares with many areas with this type of climate, temperatures show little variation throughout the year. Average temperatures hovers at around 26 °C throughout the year.

Month January February March April May June July August September October November December
Ave Temperature °C 25 26 27 27 27 27 26 26 26 26 25 24
Precipitation centimeters 10.3 8.1 8.5 21.5 20.2 11.02 7.03 5.2 21.01 22.6 7.1 5.1