Ellame En Rasathan

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Ellame En Rasathan
Directed byRajkiran
Written byRajkiran
Produced byRajkiran
CinematographyB. S. Lokanath
Edited byL. Kesavan
R. M. Kuppuraj
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Red Sun Art Creations
Release date
  • 14 April 1995 (1995-04-14)
Running time
160 minutes

Ellame En Rasathan (transl. Everything is to my liking) is a 1995 Indian Tamil-language drama film produced and directed by Rajkiran. The film stars him, Sangita and Roopa Sree. It was released on 14 April 1995 and emerged a box-office hit.[1][2] The film was remade in Telugu as Soggadi Pellam (1996) and in Kannada as Marthanda (1998).[citation needed]


Singarasu comes to a remote village with his daughter. Singarasu looks for his wife's murderer and only his daughter witnessed the murderer Mookaiyan. Although, Mookaiyan follows them to kill the witness. Meanwhile, the daughter of the village chief Chinna Raani falls in love with Singarasu.

In the past, Singarasu was the gram panchayat president: he was a rough and irresponsible man who spent a lot of time playing rummy, but he was a kind-hearted man. The rowdy Mookaiyan killed a newborn girl in the other village and supported female infanticide. Later, Singarasu clashed with the other village's chief Ayya for supporting this practice. To punish Ayya, Singarasu kidnapped his daughter Raani and sequestered her in his house. Ayya then called the police to arrest the murderer Mookaiyan and Mookaiyan was sent to jail. Thereafter, Raani fell in love with Singarasu and refused to go back home. Singarasu married Raani but he was still an irresponsible man. Later, Singarasu decided to work hard and he became a respected man in the village. Upon his release from the jail, Mookaiyan decided to take revenge on Singarasu so he murdered his innocent wife Raani.

Back to the present, Singarasu clearly objects to wed Chinna Raani and he is determined to punish the heartless Mookaiyan. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.



Rajkiran initially planned the film to revolve around female infanticide; however after he came to know Karuthamma revolving around the same theme got released, he made changes in the script.[3]


The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja.[4] The song "Ettana Iruntha" is the playback singing debut of Vadivelu.[5]

Song Singer(s) Lyrics Length
"Azhagaana Mancha Pura" Mano, S. Janaki Vaali 5:03
"Ettana Iruntha" Vadivelu Ponnadiyan 4:55
"Oru Santhana Kaattu" S. Janaki, Ilaiyaraaja Vaali 5:29
"Thoothukudi Muthu" Ashalatha, Srilekha 5:07
"Veenaikku Veenai" Ilaiyaraaja Pulamaipithan 5:05


New Straits Times wrote "Ellame En Rasah Thaan has a rather slow beginning and takes too much time coming to the point but [..] there is a following for this type of family-oriented movie".[6] Kalki reviewed the film more positively, praising Ilaiyaraaja's music and the absence of obscene comedy, dances and disgusting events.[7]


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