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Elle Dible (born 17th December 1983) is an English television presenter who recently presented Pop the Q on TMF and Quiznation TV. She has also been a finalist in the 2004 FHM High Street Honeys. She now presents on Current TV.


Elle was with Quiznation owned by Optimistic Entertainment from November 2005 to May 2007.

Pop the Q[edit]

Elle mainly presented on Pop the Q, also owned by Optimistic Entertainment, and TMF. She presented the late night show three times a week. Elle's final show was broadcast in the early hours of Tuesday 29 May 2007, three days prior to the final show of Pop The Q. She did, however, make an appearance in the final show on 2 June 2007, which was presented by Yemi Saywerr. Elle was seen on the main stage wearing a black wig, which she eventually gave to Yemi. Elle gave her final line of presenting when Yemi urged her to answer one of the callers. Elle left the studio shortly after exiting the stage, but she was referenced to throughout the rest of the show.

Nuts TV[edit]

Starting on 19 February 2008 Elle is currently a presenter on Nuts TV. She usually presents on Tuesday night with OJ Borg. Due to Nuts TV no longer broadcasting its live studio show Elle's last night presenting the show was on 3 April 2008.

Current TV[edit]

Elle is now a presenter on Current TV, a station mainly broadcasting viewer created content, available on Sky channel 183 and Virgin Media channel 155.


Elle is also an experienced model, her credits include: Chantelle Lingerie, Passionata, Runners World, FHM, Lynx Minx, Thompsons, John Lewis, Playtex, Love It! magazine cover, Selfridges, WonderBra, Clinque, Renault TV Commercial, Gio Goi, G Star.

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