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Ellen Conford (March 20, 1942 – March 20, 2015) was an author for children and young adults. Among her writings are the Annabel the Actress and Jenny Archer series. Her books have won the Best Book of the Year Citation, Best Book of the International Interest Citation, Best Book of the Year for Children, Parents' Choice Award, and more.

Several of her stories have been adapted for television, sometimes by Conford herself. Her children's book And This is Laura and the story Revenge of the Incredible Dr. Rancid and His Youthful Assistant, Jeffrey became ABC Weekend Specials, while her young adult novels Dear Lovey Hart, I Am Desperate became an ABC Afterschool Special and The Alfred G. Graebner Memorial High School Handbook of Rules and Regulations was a CBS Schoolbreak Special.

Born in New York City, New York, Conford attended Hofstra College from 1959 to 1962.[1] She died on March 20, 2015, her 73rd birthday.[2]



Picture books[edit]

  • Impossible, Possum (1971)
  • Why Can't I Be William? (1972)
  • Just the Thing for Geraldine (1974)
  • Eugene the Brave (1978)


Annabel the Actress[edit]

  • Annabel the Actress: Starring in Gorilla My Dreams (1999)
  • Annabel the Actress: Starring in Just a Little Extra (2000)
  • Annabel the Actress: Starring In Hound of the Barkervilles (2002)
  • Annabel the Actress: Starring in Camping It Up (2004)

Jenny Archer[edit]

  • A Job for Jenny Archer (1988)
  • A Case for Jenny Archer (1988)
  • Jenny Archer, Author (1989)
  • What's Cooking, Jenny Archer? (1989)
  • Jenny Archer to the Rescue (1990)
  • Can Do, Jenny Archer (1992)
  • Nibble, Nibble, Jenny Archer (1993)
  • Get the Picture Jenny Archer? (1993)


  • Shelf Life: Stories by the Book (2003)


  • If This is Love, I'll Take Spaghetti (1990)
  • 'I Love You, I Hate You, Get Lost (1994)
  • Crush (1998)


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