Ellen Fairclough Building

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Ellen Fairclough Building
Ellen Fairclough Building.JPG
General information
Type Office
Location Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 43°15′25″N 79°52′17″W / 43.25692°N 79.87129°W / 43.25692; -79.87129Coordinates: 43°15′25″N 79°52′17″W / 43.25692°N 79.87129°W / 43.25692; -79.87129
Completed 1981
Roof 94 m (308 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 20
Lifts/elevators 5

Ellen Fairclough Building, 20-storey (94 m) high rise office building built in 1981 is the 4th tallest building in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.[1] It's situated on the corner of King Street East and MacNab Street South.

The building was first known as the Convention Centre when it first opened up in 1981. One year later in 1982 it was renamed the Ellen Fairclough Building. Ellen Fairclough was a Hamiltonian and the first female member of the Canadian Cabinet.[2][3] Ellen Fairclough served under John Diefenbaker for 13 years in Parliament. She advocated for gender equality and fairer immigration policy. She died at 99 in 2004.[4]

The Hamilton Convention Centre is at the base of this government office tower and it is attached to the downtown Art Gallery and Hamilton Place auditorium on the South side of King Street and has a skywalk that crosses over that attaches to the Lloyd D. Jackson Square mall on the north side of the street. The government building is also home to a courthouse + a citizenship & immigration office.[5]


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