Ellenborough Falls

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Ellenborough Falls
A view from the 'knoll' opposite Ellenborough Falls
Ellenborough Falls is located in New South Wales
Ellenborough Falls
Location Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia
Coordinates 31°37′S 152°17′E / 31.617°S 152.283°E / -31.617; 152.283Coordinates: 31°37′S 152°17′E / 31.617°S 152.283°E / -31.617; 152.283
Type Horsetail
Total height 160 metres (520 ft)
Number of drops 1
Longest drop 160 metres (520 ft)

Ellenborough Falls, a horsetail waterfall on the headwaters of the Ellenborough River, is located in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia.

Location and features[edit]

Ellenborough Falls is situated in the Greater Taree area[1] and is near Elands and Comboyne,[2] on the Bulga Plateau.[1]

The waterfall has a single drop of about 160 metres (520 ft)[3] although some estimates place it at 150 metres (490 ft) or 200 metres (660 ft).[4]

At the falls there is a kiosk, picnic tables and a barbecue area. There is also a viewing platform and walking trails.[5]

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