Ellery (duo)

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Genres Alternative folk
Alternative Pop/Rock
Labels Virt Records
Website http://www.ellerymusic.com/

Tasha Golden
Justin Golden

Ric Hordinski
Amos Heller
Josh Seurkamp

Ellery, formerly known as Dividing the Plunder, are a musical group from Cincinnati founded by married couple Tasha and Justin Golden. They changed the name to "Ellery" after finding it in a book at a shop in Iowa.[1]

They began work as Ellery in 2005. Their style has been compared[by whom?] to that of Sarah McLachlan, Ben Folds, and alternative folk. The couple wrote, recorded, and released the Make Your Troubles Mine EP which they recorded with the help of producer and guitarist Ric Hordinski (formerly of Over the Rhine). Their debut was received with positive reviews in local newspapers, and their local public radio station, WNKU, put them in regular rotation. After a feature in Performing Songwriter Magazine, Virt Records contacted the band, signed them, and sent them back into the studio to turn the EP into a full-length album. The result, Lying Awake, was released in 2006.

In late 2009, Justin and Tasha began a series of in-house concerts in the midwest as a part of the Ellery Stimulus, created to help raise money for their next record, due in early spring 2010. In winter 2009, Ellery released a Holiday EP titled Down, Down, Down.

Although they are normally described as a duo, backing music is provided by Ric Hordinski (electric guitars, loops, keyboards), Amos Heller (bass), and Josh Seurkamp (percussion, drums).

Style and sound[edit]

Their unique sound has a lot to do with Tasha Golden's vocals, but also the bands use instruments such as piano, wurlitzer, and electric, acoustic, and tenor guitar as well as electric mandolin.


  • So Faithful 2000 (as Dividing the Plunder)
  • The Ordinary 2003 (as Dividing the Plunder)
  • Make Your Troubles Mine (six song EP) 2005
  • Lying Awake released by Virt Records 2006. (All eleven songs on this album were written by Tasha and Justin)
  • "Anna" from Lying Awake was featured on Paste Magazine Sampler CD No. 21
  • What I've Said Out Loud (live album) 2007
  • December Days EP, released via Ellery's Myspace page and www.ellerychristmas.com as a free download. 2007
  • You Did Everything Right EP, 2008
  • "Down, Down, Down: A Holiday EP", 2009
  • "This Isn't Over Yet", 2010

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