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Ellic Paul Howe (20 September 1910–28 September 1991) was a British author who wrote extensively on occultism and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as well as on typography and military history.[1] During World War II he worked for Britain's Political Warfare Executive on psychological warfare and forgery techniques under the name 'Armin Hull'.[2]

Partial bibliography[edit]

Books on occultism[edit]

  • Urania’s Children: the strange world of the astrologers (1967)
  • Astrology: a recent history including the untold story of its role in World War II (1968)
  • Astrology and psychological warfare during World War II (1972)
  • Magicians of the Golden Dawn: A Documentary History of a Magical Order, 1887-1923 (1978)
  • Alchemist of the Golden Dawn: The Letters of the Reverend W. A. Ayton to F. L. Gardner and Others, 1886-1905 (Roots of the Golden Dawn Series) edited by Ellic Howe (1985)
  • Merlin Peregrinus: Vom Untergrund des Abendlandes (with Helmut Möller), Würzburg 1986
  • Fringe Masonry in England, 1870-1885 (Golden Dawn Studies Series ; No 12) (with Darcy Kuntz) (1997)

Books on military history[edit]

  • The Black Game: British Subversive Operations Against the Germans During the Second World War (1982)

Books on typography and bookmaking[edit]

  • Newspaper Printing in the Nineteenth century (1943)
  • London Bookbinders: Masters and Men, 1780-1840 (1946)
  • The London Compositor: Documents Relating to Wages, Working Conditions and Customs of the London Printing Trade, 1785-1900 (1947)
  • The London Society of Compositors (Re-established 1848): A Centenary history (1948)
  • French Type Specimen books (1951)
  • The British Federation of Master Printers, 1900-1950 (1950)
  • The Society of London Bookbinders, 1780-1951 (British trade union history collection) (1952)
  • The Typecasters (The Monotype recorder) (1957)
  • The Sales Conference: The Second of Richardsons' Newcastle Chapbooks, telling how the chairman and the chief chymist invented a bronze blue ink which tasted ... events, transactions and proceedings (1958)
  • Harry Kweller and the Harkwell Press;: A Fragment of Biography (1960)

"The Trade - Walter Hutchinson (1943)


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