Ellice River

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Ellice River
Physical characteristics
 - locationBetween Beechey Lake and Pelly Lake, Kitikmeot Region, Nunavut, Canada
 - elevation3 m (9.8 ft)[1]
 - location
Queen Maud Gulf
Length287 km (178 mi)
Basin size16,900 km2 (6,500 sq mi)[2]
Edward Ellice, Jr.

The Ellice River (Inuktitut: Kuunnuaq) is a waterway in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada. It rises close to the Back River between Beechey Lake and Pelly Lake,[3] and flows northward into the Queen Maud Gulf. Its mouth opens between Campbell Bay and Gernon Bay.[4] The land between the river and Sherman Inlet is generally flat and marshy.[5] Muskox and barren-ground caribou frequent the area.[6]

The river is named in honour of Edward Ellice, Jr..


The river is home to Arctic char.[7] Large populations of the American brant goose nest on coastal islands at the river's mouth.[5]

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Coordinates: 68°02′N 103°26′W / 68.033°N 103.433°W / 68.033; -103.433 (Ellice River)