Ellingsøy Tunnel

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Ellingsøy Tunnel
Location Ålesund Municipality, Norway
Coordinates 62°29′11″N 006°10′57″E / 62.48639°N 6.18250°E / 62.48639; 6.18250Coordinates: 62°29′11″N 006°10′57″E / 62.48639°N 6.18250°E / 62.48639; 6.18250
Route 658
Opened 1987
Operator Statens vegvesen
Toll Until 25 October 2009
Length 3,481 m (11,421 ft)
No. of lanes 3
Lowest elevation −144 metres (−472 ft)
Tunnel clearance 4.6 metres (15 ft)
Grade 8.5%

The Ellingsøy Tunnel (Norwegian: Ellingsøytunnelen) is a subsea road tunnel in Ålesund Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The tunnel runs between the center of the city of Ålesund on the island of Nørvøya and the village of Hoffland on the island of Ellingsøya. The 3,481-metre (11,421 ft) long tunnel runs under the Ellingsøyfjorden and it is part of National Road 658 and it was constructed as part of the Vigra Fixed Link project which connected several outlying islands to the city of Ålesund and the mainland of Norway.[1] The tunnel opened in 1987 and it was a toll road until 25 October 2009. The 3-lane tunnel has a vertical clearance of 4.6 metres (15 ft) and it reaches a depth of 140 metres (460 ft) below sea level. The steepest parts of the tunnel do not exceed an 8.5% grade. [2][3] The Ellingsøy Tunnel has a 'cork screw' spiral under the Hoffland island to span vertical height.


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