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Elliot Ingber

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Elliot Ingber (born August 24, 1941) is an American guitarist. In 1966, he joined Frank Zappa's band the Mothers of Invention and appeared on their debut album Freak Out!.[1] He was fired from the band by Zappa following an incident onstage (according to drummer Jimmy Carl Black) when he tripped on LSD and was unaware that his amplifier was not switched on. After that he co-founded Fraternity of Man, which released two albums. He then joined Captain Beefheart's Magic Band under the stage name Winged Eel Fingerling, given him by Beefheart. In the sleeve notes to The Spotlight Kid (1972), Beefheart likens Ingber to "a chrome black eyebrow / rolled out real long" and also "a paper brow magnifying glass / fried brown, edge scorched, yoked / like a squeak from a speaker / behind forehead of the time."[2] In 1995, Ingber reformed Fraternity of Man with Lawrence "Stash" Wagner, the original vocalist and co-author of "Don't Bogart that Joint", to record and release a third album released under the Malibu Records label.


Year Artist Release title Label
1996 Various Artists Cowabunga! The Surf Box Rhino
1958 or 1959 (unconfirmed) The Moondogs "Mooncat" World Pacific
1960 The Gamblers "Moon Dawg" Jolum
1963 Dee D. Hope "California Surfer" Jolum
1963 Bobby James (a/k/a Bobby Jameson) "Let's Surf" b/w "Take This Lollipop" Jolum
1966 The Mothers of Invention Freak Out! Verve
1968 Fraternity of Man Fraternity of Man ABC Records
1969 Michaelle Saturn Rings
1969 Fraternity of Man Get it On!
1969 Canned Heat Hallelujah
1969 The Mothers of Invention Mothermania Verve
1972 Shakey Jake Harris The Devil's Harmonica Polydor
1972 Captain Beefheart The Spotlight Kid Reprise
1974 Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band Bluejeans & Moonbeams Mercury
1978 Juicy Groove First Taste Payola Records
1978 The Grandmothers Grandmothers Line records
1981 Little Feat "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" on Hoy-Hoy! Warner Brothers
1982 The Grandmothers Lookin' Up Granny's Dress Rhino
1983 The Grandmothers Fan Club Talk Panda
1992 Frank Zappa You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5 Ryko
1993 Lowell George & The Factory Lightning-rod Man Edsel Records
1993 The Grandmothers A Mother of an Anthology One Way Records
1995 Fraternity of Man X San Francisco Sound
1996 Frank Zappa The Lost Episodes Ryko
1998 Frank Zappa Mystery Disc Ryko
1999 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Grow Fins Revenant Records
2000 Little Feat "Juliet" on Hotcakes & Outtakes
2001 Elliot Ingber The The The The
2006 Frank Zappa The MOFO Project/Object Zappa Records


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