Elliot Moose

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Elliot Moose
Author Andrea Beck
Illustrator Andrea Beck
Cover artist Andrea Beck
Country Canada
Language English
Discipline Children's Story
Publisher Kids Can Press
No. of books 10
Website http://www.andreabeck.com/books.html

Elliot Moose is a series of children's picture books, written and illustrated by Andrea Beck. In 1998, they were adapted into a television series of the same name.


  • Elliot - A moose plushy. He is very playful and cares a lot about his friends.
  • Socks - A sock monkey. She is Elliot's best friend. She becomes a permanent purple colour in "Elliot's Bath".
  • Beaverton - A beaver plushy. Elliot's friend and mentor.
  • Amy - An anteater plushy. Loves to join Elliot outdoors.
  • Paisley - A red and speckled teddy bear who wears yellow overalls.
  • Angel - A parrot plushy with a white halo.
  • Cubs - Two young white teddy bears named Snowy and Puff.
  • Lionel - A lion plushy.


  • Elliot's Emergency (1998)
  • Elliot Bakes a Cake (1999)
  • Elliot's Shipwreck (2000)
  • Elliot's Bath (2000)
  • Elliot Digs For Treasure (2001)
  • Elliot Gets Stuck (2002)
  • Elliot's Noisy Night (2002)
  • Elliot's Christmas Surprise (2003)
  • Elliot's Great Big Lift-The-Flap Book (2003)
  • Elliot's Fire Truck (2010)

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