Elliot Moose (TV series)

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Elliot Moose
Elliot moose.jpg
Elliot Moose title card
Created by Andrea Beck (Author)
Jed MacKay
Directed by Steve Wright
Michael McNamara[disambiguation needed]
Charles E. Bastien
Starring Charles P. Schott
Alisa Walton
Heidimarie Guggi
Stephen LaFrenie
Mark Wallace
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 104 (4 per episode)
Running time 20 minutes (4 mini-episodes)
Production company(s) Nelvana
Original channel Treehouse TV (1998-2003)
PBS (2000-2001)
Qubo (2006-2010)
RTÉjr (2010)
Italia 1 (2006)
Original release 1998 – 1999

Elliot Moose is a Canadian children's live-action and animated television series which was aired on TVOntario in Canada and PBS in the United States as part of the PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch until it was cancelled.

Currently, the series airs on the TV station Qubo in the United States. Based on a series of children's books by Andrea Beck, its 104 episodes show the adventures of a young moose named Elliot who lives in a place called "The Big House", and shares adventures while having lots of fun with his friends; Beaverton, Lionel, Socks, and Paisley. The series was produced by Nelvana, then later on Corus Entertainment.

The series was developed by Jed MacKay and produced by Marianne Culbert. The series was unique in that half of the stories were animated, and half were live action; reflecting children's real world of play and their imaginary world. The music was composed by Bruce Ley and Jed MacKay.

Voices and Live-action Actors[edit]

  • Charles P. Schott as Elliot Moose
  • Alisa Walton as Socks
  • Heidimarie Guggi as Paisley
  • Stephen LaFrenie as Lionel
  • Mark Wallace as Beaverton

Additional Voices[edit]


Season 1[edit]

Part 1
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
1 The Alien The Lion Who Lost His Roar The Marshmallow Express Help!
2 A Tail or Two A Lion In Summer The Giant Pongolongo Elliot’s Masterpiece
3 Lionel and the Roaring Hiccups Sockserella Crazy Mixed-Up Lion The Cap Club
4 Ride Share Fistful of Crayons The Socksness Monster Another Way To Play
5 Bear Care Dragon Horse 201—A Space Oddity Tuneless
6 Batter Up! The Case of the Haunted Windmill The Cape of Courage Dream Along With Me
7 The Mountain Queen of the Waves Playground Puzzle Collector Elliot
8 The Tooter Scooter Star Trick The Case of the Invisible Elephant The Quest Request
9 The Wading Pool Shabu Gamu The Lost Treasure Circus Thrill
10 Beach Toys Lion Aid Sir Elliot and the Dragon Friendship Flowers
11 Wake Up, Elliot! A Little Magic Slow and Steady Spoil Sport
12 The Cat Nap Elliot Mapleberry The Magic Pond Boo!
13 Happy Homemakers The Mystery of the Missing Chalk The Legend of the Purple Knight The Walnut Conspiracy

Season 2[edit]

Part 1
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
14 Yes We Have No Bananas Double Trouble The Case of the Popcorn Pirate The Spooky Kooky Creature
15 The Surprise Party Hot Ice The Mapleberry Touch Underwater Collecting
16 Be Still Life Picture This Beaverton Caruso Hopscotch Fever
17 Beaverton’s Dam Star Players Socksel and Grelliot Mapleberry Hog
18 The Song Contest New Crew The Treasure Chest Comfy As A King
19 The Hike Ascent of Moose Mountain Dragon’s Egg No Sleep For Elliot
20 It’s Only Me Red Riding Socks Socks And Shoes The Workout
21 The Broken Robot Paisley The Great Scaredy Cat Ace of Space
22 Mighty Muscle Maker The Squeakily Ghost The Flower-Spotted Dragon Elliot’s Hat
23 Tummy Ache Mysterious Pieland Space Monkeys Mapleberry Pie
24 Beaverton’s Balloons Emperor Elliot’s New Robe The Sea Dragon Nursery Rhyme
25 Glum Chum The Mystery At Top Cat Manor Sleeping Socks Backscratching
26 Smile! The Case of the Missing Mapleberries Fly By Knight The Mousetrap

International Broadcast[edit]

Country/Region Channel
 Canada Treehouse TV
 United States PBS
 Italy Italia 1
 Ireland RTÉjr
Arab League Middle East Spacetoon
 United Kingdom Pop
 Brazil Rede Globo
 France TF1
France 3

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