Elliott ALGOL

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Elliott ALGOL
ParadigmsMulti-paradigm: procedural, imperative, structured
Designed byTony Hoare, others
DeveloperElliott Brothers
First appearedFebruary 1962; 60 years ago (1962-02)
Typing disciplineStatic, strong
ScopeLexical (static)
Implementation languageAssembly
PlatformElliott 803
Influenced by

Elliott ALGOL is a compiler for the programming language ALGOL 60, for the Elliott 803 computer made by Elliott Brothers in the United Kingdom. It was implemented by Tony Hoare and others.[1] It differed slightly from the reference version of ALGOL, particularly in the supported character set.[2] First released in February 1962, it is believed to be the first implementation of an ALGOL 60 compiler in a commercial context and was an unexpectedly popular product for the company.[3]


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