Ellis Guitars

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Ellis Guitars
Industry Musical instruments
Headquarters Perth, Western Australia
Area served
Products Custom guitars and equipment
Website ellisguitars.com

Ellis Guitars is a company based in Perth, Western Australia producing handmade acoustic guitars and acoustic stompboxes. In recent years the company has produced some novel, sometimes unique, guitars based upon a resonator design.

7 string resonator guitar[edit]

The Ellis 8 string resonator guitar

The 7 string resonator guitar is a single cone resonator guitar with an added harp string which can be on a bass or baritone scale length. This guitar was first demonstrated in Melbourne Australia 2005. It is currently owned and played by Jeff Martin formerly of The Tea Party. Jeff Martin played this guitar on his album Exile and the Kingdom (2006) on the songs "Black Snake Blues", "Lament" and "Good Times". Jeff Martin also played the 7 string as recorded on Live at the Enmore Theatre (DVD) in Sydney, Australia on 7 September 2006 during his Australian Tour. Along with these unusual guitars, Ellis Guitars also build traditional acoustic instruments such as the OOO, OM, Dreadnought and Jumbo acoustic guitars. Also built are Weissenborn style guitars.

Ellis Stomp Box[edit]

The Ellis stomp box

The Ellis stomp box sounds like a kick-drum and can be used as a trigger. The stompboxes built by Ellis Guitars are small in size. Traditionally stomp boxes have been large wooden boxes with a microphone underneath which produce a tap/boom sound usually to accompany a solo guitarist. The Ellis model is about the size of a CD case and plugs directly into an amplifier or P.A.



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