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Thiago Cordeiro[1] (born in Pernambuco,[2] but listed by Rwanda as born Ellis Kayijuka in April 30, 1981 in Nyamirambo) is a Brazilian basketball player who was part of the Rwanda national basketball team at the 2009 FIBA Africa Championship.[3] He played for Dayton Flyers men's basketball in the 2007-08 season.[2]

Kayijuka was a late addition to the Rwandan team for the 2009 FIBA Africa Championship after two Rwandan players pulled out of the tournament three weeks before the scheduled opener.[4] Despite this, Kayijuka averaged 5.8 PPG, 5 RPG, and 1.6 BPG while teaming with Robert Thomson in the middle to help lead the Rwandans to a 9th-place finish and their best performance to date at the African Championships.[5]