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Ellsworth Edwin Wareham (born October 3, 1914)[1] is an American centenarian and retired cardiothoracic surgeon from Loma Linda, California.


Wareham was born in Texas to farming parents and grew up in Alberta, Canada. He is a Seventh-day Adventist and a World War II navy veteran.[2] Wareham retired as a cardiothoracic surgeon at the age of 74 but continued to associate himself with training residents at the Loma Linda University until the age of 95, during which time he drove 60 miles (100 km) to assist in operations. He was one of the earliest practitioners of open heart surgery, soon after the first such procedure was performed.[3] Leonard Bailey, the surgeon who transplanted a baboon heart into a baby at Loma Linda University in 1984, trained under Wareham as a medical student in the late 1960s. The child, Baby Fae, was born prematurely with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and Bailey’s surgery made international headlines.[2]

Loma Linda, Wareham's home town has been described as USA's only Blue Zone, an area where the longevity is appreciably higher than the national average and one of the four places in the world to have a substantial proportion of humans live past 100 years. The city has strict controls on the sale of alcohol, has a ban on smoking, and its largest supermarket does not sell meat.[4] Wareham attributes his longevity to having adopted a vegan plant based diet about fifty years ago. Wareham's video "Dr. Ellsworth Wareham's Secret for Staying Young" has been featured on AOL,[5] and tv.com.[6] Wareham acts himself in How to Live Forever, a documentary film about longevity. He has also presented talks on preventative medicine and what he believes constitutes a long healthful life.

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